5 Free Blogging Resources I use everyday in my blogging career, here is the list..

Whenever we write a blog and post it, we face a lot of copyright issues for choosing free but wrong blogging materials. And for this reason, after working a lot on researches and writings, half of the bloggers cannot earn revenue from their valuable blogs.

Creating copyright-free content is a challenge nowadays. Also, new bloggers cannot afford expensive resources from paid websites.

So, here I am sharing 5 life-changing free blogging resources for every hard-working blogger. From where you can get unlimited free resources for your blog and you can actually upgrade your blogs and blogging ideas with them.

1. Undraw.co

In this digital era doodle illustration is a very fancy thing and we do actually like it. We like to see them everywhere.

In undraw.co you have a large collection of free doodles. I personally use this website for my feature photo and point thumbnails. This website is really fun.

And the fact is, you can actually customize the color of the illustrations as your website’s theme matches.

Think about your reader’s perspective, if you use a doodle-like illustration on your website, it will look like a real professional one. Many successful bloggers have used this looking strategy to rank their sites higher.

How to use –

  • Go to undraw.co
  • Select the Illustration button.
  • Select the color, or you can put your color code there.
  • Search any keywords like – ‘office’, ‘space’, ‘road’, ‘drink’ anything.
  • Click on the doodle you like.
  • Download it in the PNG version.
  • And use it anywhere in your blog.

2. Coschedule.com/headline-analyzer

Legend says, for a better reach on the search engine you should have the best Title, well jokes apart, this is almost a fact that in order to rank on Google or any search engine you should have a really connecting and encouraging title.

That is right, your title is another ranking factor of your blog.

How to use –

  • Go to the site – Coschedule.com/headline-analyzer
  • Put your blog headline in the search box.
  • The website will analyze the value of your blog title and give a score on that.
  • If the the title is making a lower score, you can add some words to increase your title score.

This will really help you to make an emotionally and technically connecting title.

If you score more than 70, then yeah, your title is good to go and connect with a lot of visitors.

3. SeOptimer.com

If you care about your site’s health, and check your site’s status every week, this tool will be a real time saver for you.

You can audit almost every single thing in your blog. This free resource is very simple to use and you don’t even have to login to audit your site.

How to use –

  • Go to SEOptimer.com
  • Click on the search bar and put your site.
  • Wait for some seconds.
  • Everything, related to your site will appear and you will have an insight view of your site.

4. Fontspace.com

People just love typography, and most of the visitors visits a site after watching the typography of the thumbnail or a feature photo. The design of a thumbnail attracts the reader to your blog.

Creating a real attractive thumbnail is just a piece of bread.

Fontspace.com is a large collection of free fonts and you can use the fonts anywhere

How to use –

  • Go to fontspace.com
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Search by any font name or simply just search by the genre, like – ‘headline’, ‘post’, ‘space’, ‘old English’ , etc. and get awesome results in second.
  • download the font.
  • Go to the cPanel of your PC.
  • And drop the font there.
  • Now you will be allowed to use the selected font.

5. Shoutmeloud.com

This site is a resource of blogging ideas. The blogging ideas are the most important thing while blogging and you can get really and genuine ideas and guidance from this site.

I personally use this website as my blogging motivation. There is a lot of stuffs to learn from this site. I actually start blogging after reading the contents from there. So visit the site and learn something new.


So, these are my 5 free bogging resources and I am really happy to use them. Try them as your need and make your blog more profitable.

You can also use some alternative sites like I use.

Thank you for reading this blog, you are awesome with your site.

Keep blogging, Love blogging!


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