Welcome to yellowradar.com – a site that helps you to grow your business in blogging and motivates you to make more blogs and make more revenue from that. In this site, I will try to cover all the possible ideas and contents to give you and your blogs an extra boost.

About us page
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Personal Identity

Hi everyone this is Angshuk, founder and editor of yellowradar.com. I am involved in blogging for almost 3 years now. I did a lot of experiments with my first blog site, thywriter.com (which is a commercial site now), and now handling the blogging part there. however, currently, I am learning Graphic Designing, affiliate marketing, Facebook ad strategies, and digital marketing. Along with that, I am doing my UG course at Calcutta University.

I wish I am clear to you now by my side, right?

My Story


I am going to share my blogging story and obviously life story, here. My blogging life started at my school when I used to write blogs on blogger which is powered by google. Well, what contents a schoolboy of 9th grade could write? Yea, meaningless things obviously, I still laugh on my old blogs. I used to make blogs for fun purposes back then. Actually, I really was not so very consistent too. Again, how can you expect consistency from an ‘average’ boy of 9th grade?

In my class I was very average then, I don’t know why, but even I treated myself as very average at that age of 10-16. I was a boy with a glass and no expectations, no desires, no positive vives, nothing. Well, ‘one cannot deny to being a born average, but the staying average will be very painful for one’. I realized this sentence when I turned 18 years old. That year was a changing point for me. I started the blog site thywriter.com as my passion.

The real seekers will really get what they are seeking. They just have to make some effort. I was a seeker, but I was effortless back then in 2015. In 2018, I started my first serious blog writing at thywriter.com, from the scratch again, because I had a real passion for writing. I did a lot of experiments and investments with my blogging. I attended many webinars since 2018 and invested in my learnings. By the end of 2019, I learned almost 70 percent of blogging and blogging related ideas. And still eager to learn a lot.

Site’s purpose

The blogging community is updating and upgrading day by day. And I launched this site yellowradar.com to create and motivate more bloggers just like you, in any possible way. It is really awesome, as you are reading this, you are a part of this community now. I will share all the knowledge of blogging with you, and I really feel very happy while sharing it.

Keep blogging, love blogging!