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blogging niche for beginners

As you are here, the idea of starting a blog is a basic thing you know that, but finding a content niche for a blog is much complicated for a new blogger. In the world of the internet, thousands of blogging niche is out there. But you have to choose one and only niche to grow really fast as a new blogger.

Although you can get every solution for every single problem on YouTube, did you know that almost every successful YouTubers have their own blog site? Ok, that’s the YouTuber’s journey.

Why Blogging?

For Google, blogging websites are the main source of information. And this is a normal fact that all people around the world are publishing their knowledge and contents on websites. And if someone searches anything on google they will get their answer or solution via blogs and websites. Isn’t that amazing?

So, if you are confused if ‘blogging is going to die in 2021 or further year’ the answer is ‘NO!’ Blogging is a stable way to share your knowledge. And google is actually promoting true knowledge through blog websites.

Now the question is ‘what to blog?’ ‘What to write on a blog?’ ‘What should be my niche of the blog?‘ these are the common question of a new blogger or a beginner.

In this blog, I am going to share the 13 most popular and unique blog content niche for beginners in the blogging world. Also, I will try to share some possible micro-niche related to those niches.

1. Tech Comparison Blogging niche

Comparison with two devices

Almost every people compare one device with another before buying one. Yes you also do right? Take this as an opportunity. You can make a tech review blog but this is a huge niche and many successful bloggers have their blogs ranked on that.

So, you have a clean option of a tech comparison site, which is factually implacable in this meantime. And people will love to visit your site again and again if you make some fair comparison of any device’s features, pricing, etc.

Related micro-niches

  • Nikon camera comparison blog
  • Dell laptop comparison blog
  • 6GB Ram phone comparison blog

2. Interview Blogging niche

Interview blog

People want to get more knowledge and inspiration. And they can get it from the interviews from successful personae. YouTubers, singers, sportsmen, they are always ready to give inspirations through interviews, and you can actually take interviews from them. Maybe not in face-to-face but incall or video call.

After taking an interview, you can publish the interview in a written form in a blog. And this will be a fantastic idea for you, if you are from a journalism background.

Whenever people will search the celeb’s name, your interview blog will be in the first position.

Related micro-niches

  • Famous Singer’s interview
  • Interview with tech bloggers
  • Interview with Tech youtubers

3. App Blogging niche

App blogging niche

App blogging niche is another popular but unique blogging niche for beginners. If you are a student of computer science or you have an interest in exploring mobile apps like me, you must make revenue by sharing your app-related ideas with the world.

You can also write app reviews, latest app information, or any gaming apps news. Write anything you listen or know about android or iOS apps, completely it is your choice.

Suggestion : Also you can upload your apps, if you have any.

Related micro-niches

  • About news apps
  • About gaming apps
  • Latest android apps

4. Mobile Photography Blogging niche

Photography blog review

Even if you have keen interest in mobile photography, you can launch a site on that topic. Everyone can not afford a DSLR or any expensive camera. So, almost 70% of the smart phone users use their phone camera to take photos.

Think, they can take photos in professional style with your knowledge and help. You can write step by step tutorials for mobile photography. Yes you can make videos I know, but the tutorials you write, will always be there in Google. Not only that, you will get real time visits as this topic is a really popular one.

You can also write phone camera reviews in your blog, and that will be an extra sub-niche of your blog.

Related micro-niches

  • Samsung mobile photography
  • iPhone photography
  • Mobile camera lenses

5. Movie Review niche

Movie and website review niche

Before watching a film or any web series I do check the ratings on that. Tine is precious and people don’t want to waste that, you can help people on that issue by reviewing recently released movies and wen series.

There are a lot of movie review blogs and honestly, many of them are useless, totally copied from another genuine review site. During the research, I’ve experienced personally. So, never make any blog on copied content. This is a unique blogging niche, no doubt. If you love to watch movies and shows only then use this niche and take your website on fire.

Related micro-niches

  • Netflix shows review
  • Amazon prime shows review
  • BnW movies review
  • Regional language movie review

6. Instruments Blogging niche

Instruments blog niche

If you are connected with any band or any instrumental institution, you must take your knowledge on the interned world. By creating a blog on instrumental niche, you can help a lot of people or teenager who are searching for online instrumental tutorials.

You can share notes, you can share guitar tutorials and many more things on your blog.

Related micro-niches

  • Guitar tutorials
  • Guitar strings
  • Piano tutorials
  • Online music resources

7. Pet Blogging niche

Pet blog niche

Many people have pets, but they sometimes can not handle their pets. And after that, hey search on google ‘how to feed my dog’. If you are a veteran or you love pets and you can handle them, you must try on this niche, it is almost competition less niche.

Taking a competition-less niche can make more revenue. Because the keywords are new and the niche is fresh.

Related micro-niches

  • German shepherd care
  • White rabbit caring blog

8. Book Review niche

Book review blog niche

Believe me, if you work smart on this niche, you will get a lot of reputation with revenue for real. If you are a book freak like me and you have opinions on books which you have just read, write it down and publish it.

Book reviewing is a broad but unique topic. A lot of people don’t want to read a long book or a novel, they will find your blog and will get helped. You can also publish audio book with your blog, you will get more engagement then.

Related micro-niches

  • Horror book/story review
  • romantic books review
  • Self-Help books review

9. Food Blogging niche

Food blog niche

Everyone likes to eat and everyone searches for online recipes every day if you are good at cooking you must help them you must start a food blog. This niche is the most popular among all these 13 niche.

Share your testy recipes with the world and the people will visit again and again to learn more recipes from your blog.

Related micro-niches

  • Burger recipes
  • Ice-cream blogs
  • Regional food blogging

10. Job Information niche

Job Information blogging niche

We all now after the pandemic and lockdown, many people lost their valuable jobs. You can help them. You just have to keep eyes on companies and government sites for new job forms and information.

You can share those genuine details on your blog posts, so the people seeking for jobs can see a path.

This idea is unique and obviously popular because everyone needs a job. So, be a helping hand for them.

Related micro-niches

  • Freelance job information
  • Government job information
  • Internship job information

11. Hardware Blogging niche

Hardware blogging niche

A lot of people want to repair hardware things like fans, radios, lights, etc. by themselves. Obviously it will save some money. So they search ‘how to repair…’ on google.

If you are a mechanic or you like to repair things, you also can help others. This niche is unique and with less-competition.

Related micro-niches

  • Light repairing
  • Toys repairing
  • Laptop repairing

12. Health blogging niche

health blogging niche

After the pandemic situation, Google is promoting health news more than any other information. In this scenario, if you are a doctor or any medical student then you can help people with health awareness.

In this case your site will be the best chances to grow fast, because people are searching for health consultancy. If you give the information what they are searching, you will definitely rank in search engines.

WARNING : You have to keep in mind that, if you are a specialist or a consultant on health issues, only then you should launch a health related site. Don’t spread misinformation on the sensitive issues.

13. Entertainment niche

Entertainment blogging niche

Hollywood to Bollywood, we all know that this topic is the most popular all around the world. For this reason, many people have their blogs on these topics, so you have to choose something popular but untouched topics. You have to choose some unique blogging niche based on entertainment purposes.

The topic ‘entertainment’ contains everything from the industry. But you have to choose the topic wisely to make your blog most searchable on the internet.

Related micro-niches

  • Celebrity based blogs
  • Film genre based blogs
  • Genre based celebrities
  • Magazine based blogs

In this whole world, a single idea could be a big sunshine of one’s life. So keep thinking and keep making more productive idea which can help the world.

These were some unique ideas I thought I should share with you. Now it’s your turn to enlighten the world with your awesome ideas.

Still, if you have any doubts about starting a blog, read why you should start blogging in 2020.

For more Blogging and content related queries you can comment below and be a part of this blogging journey. Wish you will get success on your blog and be the reason for someone’s success.

Keep blogging, love blogging!


Arti Singh · November 1, 2020 at 3:06 PM

Very well written 🙏

    Angshuk · November 1, 2020 at 3:21 PM

    Thank You, Arti Singh. Keep visiting for more related blogs and content. <3

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