These 11 free food blog wordpress themes are enough to change your blogging game.

If I question someone ‘who doesn’t love food?’ And the answer will be –

‘Are you mad or what? Everyone does.’

Yes, everyone loves food, in fact, food Is a major part of our daily life. But what if I ask someone ‘can you make good food?’ the 70% of people will answer, ‘yeah, why not? I have Google on my phone’.

This blog is not for them, but for the people on the other side of the internet. This blog is for the bloggers who share their knowledge of making food and helps a lot of people through this. In this blog, I will share 9+ super effective and SEO friendly wordpress food blogging theme, which will make you more conversions to your WordPress blog.

Why Should You Have a Unique Food Blog WordPress Theme?

People love good looking websites, whether it is a food website or a tech website. The websites should be attractive to have a unique interface. And this is the main reason to choose a unique food blogging theme.

Obviously, the main thing is content but sometimes the interface matters, it attracts more traffic to your site. The themes which I am going to share with you are the best themes for food bloggers and recipe bloggers.

So without any further delay let’s start.

1. Kale


As you can see the theme is totally beautiful with a minimalistic look. This is a perfect one for any food bloggers and recipe bloggers. And this theme is lightweight and SEO-friendly which means your visitors don’t have to wait for seconds for opening your site, it will open fast. This theme is developed by lyrathemes and you can even use it for just a simple food store eCommerce website.

This theme has full of customizable features and you won’t believe this theme has a strong super active team of developers and designers ready to help! So you don’t have to think about any issue with the support system.

About the theme –

  • It has 20,000+ active users.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.6 or higher.
  • SEO optimized and lightweight.

2. MH FoodMagazine

MH Foodmagazine

This is another great and easily customizable food and recipe blog theme. You can share your Recipes or you can just write about your eating experiences with this theme. This theme is created by MH Themes. This is a child theme of MH Magazine lite.

You will get an ultimate flexibility with this food blog theme. MH FoodMagazine comes with nice and fresh colors, especially suitable for fresh food magazines and editorial websites from the health or fitness sector.

About the theme –

  • It has 1000+ active users
  • It has multiple color options.

3. Food Restro

Food Restro

This food blogging wordpress theme is a very beautiful example of a simple and easily customizable minimalistic theme. It has an attractive header menu bar like professional paid wordpress themes have. This theme is developed by Themepalace.

Food Restro is a beautiful and very attractive, polished and professional, robust, and easy to use, highly responsive restaurant WordPress theme. And one of the efficient ways to drive more customers to your business is to create an attractive and engaging restaurant website.

About the theme –

  • It has 700+ installations.
  • Highly SEO optimized.
  • It runs with PHP Version: 5.6 or higher.

4. Foodoholic


This theme is again a minimalistic one plus you can see the modern design here. I shall suggest that you should use this theme to build your restaurant business rather than using as s simple food blogging theme. This theme is developed by catch themes.

Foodoholic provides you with basic features — such as header media, featured content, featured slider, food menus, hero content, services, testimonials and more — that are extremely crucial to create a delicious-looking website in just a few minutes.

About the theme –

  • It has 800+ active installations.
  • It supports WordPress Version: 5.1 or higher.

5. Cafeteria Lite

Cafeteria Lite

This one is also more likely a restaurant wordpress theme. It is pretty, lite as its name. According to gracethemes, the developer of this food blog theme, ‘It is capable of handling the needs of food providers, suppliers, and creates an online presence of your website in a unique style. This multi-functional theme is best suited for café, restaurants, pubs, fast foods, coffee shops, catering businesses, and any other related businesses.’

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 600+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.2 or higher.

6. ClubFood

This theme is very lightweight and not that popular, but you can use this theme if you are not a professional or any full time blogger.

If you like to write about food and stuff very often, then you can use this theme. You can change the color combination and the font families in this theme. The fun fact is this free food blog theme supports woocommerce, which means you can actually sell homemade or handmade foods via this theme.

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 400+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.4 or higher.

7. Catch Foodmania

Food blog wordpress themes

This food and recipe blogging theme has an aesthetic look. Catch Foodmania is a clean, simple, and eye pleasing free WordPress theme for restaurants specially designed to furnish webmasters in the foodservice industry.

It allows food bloggers to quickly and effortlessly create their own amazing modern restaurant websites.

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 1000+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.1 or higher.

8. Foodica

Foodica theme for food blogging

Foodica is totally a food blogging and recipe sharing website worpress theme. It has simple controls and the most important thing is this theme is lightweight.

It has a beautiful featured slider and WooCommerce integration mean Foodica is packed with features to help you stand out.

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 5000+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.6 or higher.
  • It supports WordPress Version: 5.0 or higher

9. Simplified Lite

Food blogging theme

As you can read the name of this food blogging theme, this is a very simple and eye soothing theme for food blogger and recipe sharing bloggers too.

Simplified Lite is a clean and minimalist theme that allows your reader to focus on your content. Blogging theme Styles built this theme for daily or hobby bloggers who love to share their lives and skills.

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 500+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.2.4 or higher.
  • It supports WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher.

10. Foodie World

WooCommerce food theme
Foodie World

This is one of the best food blogging themes out there. It supports woocommerece too. This is a free Restaurant WordPress Theme which has been crafted specially to help you create your very own stylish and delicious-looking website in only a few minutes.

In this theme, you are getting a lot of color variations and many customizable features. Foodie World has a welcoming and engaging appearance with a visually appealing look and simple menu pages. This food blogging theme is completely responsive and your website looks perfect on all devices.

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 500+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.2.4 or higher.
  • It supports WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher

11. Rosa Lite

Food blog wordpress themes
Rosa Lite

You will love the concept of this theme, the food blogging theme is totally outstanding. The color combination, the theme overlays and especially the lightweight of this theme, is really impressive.

It’s packed with a parallax effect to grab attention, it has an online food menu so people can discover your offering, an easy to customize interface without using code, and a responsive design to address people on the go.

About the theme –

  • This food blogging theme has 500+ active installations.
  • This is SEO optimized.
  • It supports PHP Version: 5.2.4 or higher.
  • It supports WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher


There are many ways to customize your site but if you are not a web developer or any techie person, the best option left is to choose an attractive theme. And in this blog, I have shared the best food and recipe blog theme out there. And you are getting it without any cost. Amazing right?

So, choose any of these amazing Food blog wordpress themes and share your ideas about making food. People will love your blog and they will really appreciate your recipes.

Pro tip: If you are blogging about foods and recipes, you must add an attractive featured image.

If you have any questions related to this topic, you can freely comment or you can simply contact at [email protected] I will be very happy to help you out.

Keep blogging, love blogging!

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