9 simple tips to make good headline for blogs and earn audiences.

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Honestly saying, Without a proper and catchy headline, no one is going to read your blog.

Your blog headlines are the real game-changer for any blog post.

We take interest on any news or website content in the basis of their headlines. So, till now we know that the headlines play a crucial role for any content we write or read.

Today, in this blog you will get all the answers regarding ‘blog headlines’, I will share 12 ways to write an effective and viral blog headline, for 2021.

Remember, the blog headlines work as a call to action.

1. Use numbers

numbering sentences

Numbers can attract many people to your blog.

Using numbers in the blog headlines can fulfill the blog’s actual aims.

Like, “8 ways to invest money” defines, in this blog, the visitor is going to read the exact 8 ways to invest his money on somewhere, and he will get the answer of the ‘somewhere’ in this blog.

As a result, he/she will read your whole blog.

Examples –

  • 11 Platforms to grow your online business.
  • 13 ways to create a perfect YouTube video.
  • 9 Movie Review Sites you must visit.

2. Use interrogative sentences

questioning sentences

Another way to engage more people to your blog is to write the same probable question as the reader is searching.

80% people search on any search engine in a form of question, and if you make a headline of that question, your blog will have the chance to rank on the search engine and the people will also feel some attraction to the headline as it is his question and he is going to get the answer after hopping into the blog.

Use the 5Ws

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • Where

Using the 5Ws you can create a really good interrogative headline that will attract and bring people to your blogs.

3. Use target keywords in headlines


This is a bit similar to the previous one. Because as you are putting a keyword on the headline you are putting a query on the headline.

Target your audiences with the LASER BEAM technique.

But it will be more powerful and effective for the reader and for Google too. As you are using the reader’s keyword in the headline you are calling the audience in their words, so theoretically and practically it will work.

If you use keywords into the headline in a reasonable form it will work like magic.

4. Keep the headline short

short headlines

Make your blog article headline shorter, so that the reader can easily access the idea you are providing in the blog, in a very quick view, and click immediately on the link.

Write the headline below 10 words, 7 words will be perfect, and try to write below 50 characters.

Why is this?

Readers only see the first 3 or 5 words to hop into the blog but if you write a big headline without any essential or relevant words related to the readers’ queries your whole blog post will be a failure because they are not going to read your blog anyway.

So, keep the headline short to make a good headline for blogs.


  • Best ways to live your life long ( Life style blogs )
  • Latest mobiles you can buy in 2021 ( Tech blogs)

5. Use positive words

happy feeling

You could never imagine how much impact you can make, using positive words in your blog headlines.

People like to get positive vibes on social media, just imagine you are searching “new gadgets” on google, and in the first blog headline you see is “most exciting and affordable gadgets in 2021”. You will definitely click on that blog post site, right?

Similarly, if you add some positive words like, ‘awesome’, ‘beautiful’, ‘magical’, ‘effective’ the audiences will surely open your blog and give that a read.

Examples –

  • 7 eye-opening books you must try (Book blogs)
  • Awesome Facebook Ads strategies you must try (Digital marketing blogs)
  • 6 mindful apps you must try (Tech blogs)

6. Use negative words


Using negative words make people insecure about what they are searching for. If people feel insecure, they will click on the link to get rid of that insecurity. And you can actually help them by recovering their unwanted problems.

Many life insurance agencies used this method to make profit.

Well, please don’t make any people feel down by using negative words in the headline or in your blog. Make them feel that, even if he is thinking any insecurity in their mind you can solve that.


  • 7 Marketing mistakes you must not make
  • Are you using these worst apps? – check out
  • Don’t call yourself a PRO if you did not know these rules

7. Add current year

current year

This method will assure the visitor that the blog is going to be an updated one. This mean your visitor will get a detailed and updated content on his/her queries.

Yeah, it’s all about how your visitor will feel after watching your headline, whether he will get the perfect and updated answer or not.

Examples –

  • Best ways to make money online in 2021
  • 27 tips to make conversions from your blog in 2021

8. Use the percentage

percentage counting

Well, I personally researched this method and this method is not so popular in the blogger world, but people click on this type of headline very often, so you must try this one 30% of your blog. Trust me, this will help.

Percentage can make a major measurement about the topic in human brain. It helps people to think on facts.

Usage of percentage in headlines –

  • Only 12% of people use these secret apps to grow
  • 5% of people use these 9 methods to make money online

9. Connect personally

connection on internet

People feel a personal connection when you use “you” or “your” in the headline. They feel like they can talk to you, and this will help you to make one more organic visitors each time.

This will be a very good headline writing method you can use in your blogs and pages.

The more you connect with people the more you will get your traffics.


You may have your own blog headline writing strategies but these were the 9 headline writing secrets you can use to make your blog headline more popular and viral, too.

You’ve learned to write good headline for blogs.

Keep in mind, that, only headlines won’t make your cake top to bottom perfect, you must have good content and ideas for your audience.

So, make good headlines with good contents and inspire people out there.

Keep blogging, love blogging!

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