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The opening paragreaph
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Every successful content writer has a secret behind their success, their opening paragraph. And here are 7 super effective tips to write a successful opening paragraph which will really help your blog.

Many people open a blog and read it from the very first to the very last paragraph of that. Why is that? Did they love the content? Of course, they loved it because they had a clear vision of the whole blog from the very first opening paragraph. Their mind told them that this is the blog which you were searching for.

In an essay or paper writing, the first paragraph is called as an ‘Introduction’ and which indicates the full essay or any long length answer in a first glimpse. Similarly, the opening paragraph should be an introduction to your full blog. It should indicate the exact contents which you are going to share with your visitors.

In blogging, making a catchy and impressive opening paragraph is one of the most important and effective way to make more visitors on your blog. Reader’s need is a clear-cut view on the article. Attract them with ‘positively powerful’ or ‘negatively powerful’ words. I will explain these two terms in this blog.

Way 1. Welcoming with facts

Welcome paragraphs with facts
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Write a non-popular but attractive ‘fact’ about the blog you are going to write.

Saying about a fact will prove that you have researched very well before writing your blog and the visitor will get ensured that they are going to get the exact information that they wanted, and then they will continue to read further.

For example –

Imagine you are writing about an article on cheese cake. Normally you will start the blog by saying “Hi every one my name is… and I am going to show how to make cheese cake”. Well you can write this but, you can lose some visitors just at the starting of the blog. But if you start the blog like… “the cheese was created over 4000 years ago by accident, and we are making cake with that today, how amazing, right?”

I think the difference now is clear to you.

Way 2. Use Positively Powerful Words

Using positive words in paragraphs
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By the name of this point, I think you understood the meaning of the point. Now, this is a psychological game. If you welcome someone with positively powerful words, they take more interest in your further opinions and writings. And this is pretty practical. Cause we do that the same, isn’t it?

If you use words like ‘awesome’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Fascinating’ etc. your reader will surely read your blog first than the others.

For example –

Suppose If you writing in a tech blog, “There is an excellent way to set your phone’s theme…” is way better than “change your phone’s theme in this way…”.

Way 3. Starting with Negatively Powerful Sentences

Negatively powerful paragraph
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By saying negatively powerful I did not mean the literal meaning, I meant the technical meaning. How a negatively powerful sentence work? Well it could create a fear, an emotion, the reader does not like. Suppose the reader don’t like the word, failure, useless etc. You can use these kinds of words to make a visitor forcibly read your blog and they will continue to read.

How? Let’s see some examples –

“By avoiding these mistakes, you can make a perfect paper boat.” “failure will never touch you if you prepare these things…”

I think you understood my idea now. Let’s move to the next way.

Way 4. Start paragraph with Effective questioning

Paragraph with questions
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Asking questions is another way to strongly interact with people. In blogging your success will come as much as you interact with people. A question can make a simple sentence more attractive and interactive.

In a class full of students, when a student is not focused on his studies, the teacher asks him questions, knowing that he might not be able to answer it. Why is that? Of course, to bring back the student in focus again. You are a teacher in this case and the students are your readers. To make them focused on your blog, you have to put some interrogative sentences.

For example –

“Did you ever notice how pesticides infect your corps? Know how to…”, “What if you drop your mobile accidentally and it is not turning on?”, “How manty times you wondered about your life?” and so on…

Put questions according to your blog and see the results on your site’s growth.

Way 5. Put Your Own Point of View

own point of view in the paragraph
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Well this is a tricky way to write a successful opening paragraph. In this method you have to write the whole blog without an introduction. This is easy to do. You just share your ideas on the blog And then after a revision on your blog you start writing your point of view on the blog.

Well, no one can explain in brief your blog better than you. Write your point of view on the whole scenario of the blog and the related real-life implications or influences which can help the reader in real.

Sharing your point of view in the first will attract more people to the rest of the blog. Why? I’ll tell you. Normally people will see your opinion and your blog in a linear way at the first, so they will get an interest to read your whole blog further, but when they finish reading, they will realize that you have said these ideas in the very first paragraph. And they will find the blog a real researched one, and they will also appreciate you. More, they will visit your site, again and again, to get informed about your ideas and updates.

For example –

If you are writing a blog about fashion or any new fashion ideas, you can share your opinion in the very first paragraph, like “I think the fashion industry is taking a step further to make more profits on kid’s outfits” and the whole blog depicts about the kid’s fashion stuff.

Way 6. Make a Popular Writing Reference

popular reference
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Sometimes people love to see their favorite celebrities or movies as a reference, use this method to lead more people to your blog. Using a popular reference is like showing your blog through the movie or the well-recognized personae.

Now, obviously, you should use a valid reference. If you use any reference from a space movie for your food blog, the readers will mark you as an immature writer. And this can make a loss on your organic engagements.

So, always keep in mind, use only the most related references to your blog. And make an awesome opening paragraph.

Way 7. Directly Addressing to Your Reader

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This is the way exactly how you start conversation with your friends. Be more casual while writing, but never write casual things. Address the readers like they are the closest to you. In this way you are proving yourself as a friend to them too.

No one can deny your call if you call them very heartily. The first opening line should be mind-melting to the readers. If you address them like ‘mate’, ‘pal’ they will take more interest in you and later on your blog.

For example –

“Mate, if you are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or any kind of mental health problems, then this blog will help you out…”

Apply these simple but powerful tricks to your daily writing, and see the magical results. The most important thing in blog writing is to make a proper interaction with your readers or viewers. You can make your own effective way of writing. Wish your blog will be on the top of the result.

Keep blogging, Love blogging!


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