Did you know that the alt text in blogging is not only used for humans but also used for robots? In this blog, you will know every detail about the alt text and about the use of it in SEO.

Alt text in blogging

Every new blogger and even experienced bloggers ignore the alt text portion. And this is normal because they actually don’t know the use of the alt text. But after reading this article you will definitely use at least one or two words in the alt text section for sure.

What is an Alt Text?

The alt text (also known as alternate text, alt attribute text) is a representative text of an image. The text defines or justifies the particular image to any search engine or to any page crawler.

Example –

Suppose there is a tree in any garden. The visitors know that this is a tree but they do not know what tree it is, or what is the scientific name of that tree. But when the gardener adds the tree’s name on a tag, the visitors won’t get confused anymore about the tree.

Just like that, here the Search engine or the search engine bots are the visitors, you are the gardener, and the tag is the alt text. When you will add an alt text on your images, visitors will get more conscious about that, and give an extra value to the image or on the post.

Why Is It Important for a Blog?

There are many importance of an alt text, although we can not see an alt text on any image or on any post.

1. Image visibility

If someone search by any keyword from your blog or your alt attribution, the image will appear on the ‘google image search’. And this will actually help you to get more visits. If your image is interesting the visitor will surely visit your article to give a read.

2. Broken Image

If the image is not loading on your post for any reason, the alt attribute text will be there to define that what image was actually there. This happens for the visitor’s poor or unstable internet connection.

3. SEO For a Blog Image

Your image will get optimized by the selected keyword when you add some alt text with that image. Whenever someone search by your keyword your image along with your post will have the chance to rank on the top in Google or any other search engine.

Thumb Rules to add Alt Text

thumb rules to add an alt text

Adding meaningless alt text will be a bad impression for your reader or visitors, follow the rules to make a successful and SEO friendly alt text.

  1. Never leave the alt text box empty.
  2. Never write irrelevant text in the alt text box. like if the image is of a cat and you are writing ‘ice cream’. The search engine will have a really bad impression of this.
  3. Add the main keyword on your featured image.
  4. Add some relevant or synonym texts in the topic and subtopic images.
  5. 4-6 words are ideal to write an alt text.

How to Add an Alt Text?

Follow the simple steps to add an alt text on any image.

  • Go to ‘edit post’.
  • Add a relevant image under the heading or on any needed block.
  • In the WordPress editor, you will see a ‘document’ editing option at the right of your screen, click on the image, and find the ‘alt text’ box.
  • Write the most relevant words, related to the image.
  • And save it.


So, following those above steps, you can successfully add an alt text and optimize your images for ranking on search engines.

Any WordPress theme has the feature to add an alt text in blog images, but some themes like- Hestia, Neve, Shamrock, etc. are more compatible to allow the alt texted image on ranking.

So, I hope you have learned something good about alt text in blogging. For more SEO, blogging and tech related queries, comment below.

keep blogging, love blogging!


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