2020 is an important year to start an effective blogging site, here is why.

why you should start blogging

We were living in a situation where we wanted to do something with our passion but we just barely able to make our time to think about our passion or do anything about it.

But this insane, mask-full year (2020) gave us a chance to do something with our passion along with learning new things through the internet.

Whatever let’s talk about the ‘blog’ things. What is my story for creating this blog?

My Story on Blogging

my story

I had a will to do something with the internet since I was in my 9th grade. I did not know all about these things. But I always wanted a personal website of my own (I mean seriously? in 9th?).

I did not know anything about it, but somewhere I had a passion for writing. I used to write stories, essays, poems, and many more useless (for me) things. But the fun fact is I just had no idea about ‘blogging’.

What is blogging?

what is blogging

According to me, it is an expression of documented thoughts, which can inspire and make influences on the whole world. Your words can get very powerful in a blog. And that is why you should make a wise choice on your words while blogging.

Through blogging you can experience that how much knowledge you have and how much knowledge you can share with the world.

It’s not necessary that you should have proper a-z knowledge about what you are writing in your blog. You can gain knowledge from various things like books, films, videos, blogs, etc. You can actually expand your field of knowledge through blogging.

Now, everyone has their own purpose in blogging. But ultimately, you’ll learn something, while blogging your cup will be filled with the tea of knowledge surely.

As I already said that I had a keen interest in writing. But I had no idea about content writing or blogging. To me, it was a very complex concept. But through the whole year 2019, I learned how to write content and a lot about blogging related things like hosting, SEO, AdSense, keywords, ranking, affiliate marketing, and a lot.

I did not even imagine myself as a blogger, 3 years back. This is rather an opportunity to prove myself as a writer, a content writer.

Ok! let’s do some technical talks

did you know

During and after the pandemic situation we can see a lot of posts about ‘digital marketing’. Almost 80% of this world was quarantined, so they were active on the internet as you and I did. In this situation, some ‘wise people’ started the works which can satisfy their passion.

Content marketing is the key through which you can express your passion and yes you can earn money with it. Just imagine, you are earning money by writing on your own passion. Isn’t it an amazing thing?

Exactly that is why you should start your own blog before 2020 ends.

Content Ideas

your ideas are your weapons

Ok, let’s assume that you live in a hostel and which is so far from your home (no doubt), and you took the responsibility to cook something delicious for your mates. And you just don’t have any idea how to make something delicious. What would you do?

You’ll just take your phone and ask google “how to make delicious food?” and Google will answer you back with a lot of recipes, which are contained in various websites. In other words, you are getting a lot of ‘food blogs’ from all over the world.

food blogs

And here comes the idea like ‘Food blogging.’

Another example, suppose you forgot your computer login password and you got very sad about that. And suddenly you remember that you have google on your phone. You just took your mobile phone and searched “how to recover my computer login password”. Thousands of ‘tech blogs’ will appear in a second, and you’ll get your computer password recovered following those blogs.

tech blogs

This was the idea of the ‘Tech Blogging.’

However, besides these ideas, there are millions of ideas, like –

  • Travel blogs
  • Science blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Movie blogs
  • Comic blogs
  • Literature blogs
  • Motivational blogs and many many more…

You can just grab your ideas and write down them with your kind of style.

Blogging is the future

future of blogging

As matter of fact, the first blog was started in 1994, named Links.net, by a Swarthmore College student – Justin Hall. And back then it was not obviously recognized as ‘blogs.’ However, the real blogging started from the year 2006 (approx. 50million blogs all over the world). So, you can realize the increasing gravity of blogs and bloggers.

In future most of the people will have their own blogging sites, sharing their contents and ideas. Why don’t you take a precious part on it?

Earn Revenue Through Blogging

earn money

Well, you have worked a lot on your blogs. You made new ideas and helped a lot of people with that. Now, why you are working? Why you are just making ideas for others?

You should make revenue by helping others. Yeah, you should make money, in fact, you will.

As we live in 2020, you must have heard about some ‘AdSense’ or ‘Affiliate marketing’ terms, right? Yes, they will be a major source of your rewards. Along with these, after stabilizing your blogging site, you can earn revenue through the following methods –

  • Monetizing with Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Private Ads
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling Memberships and many more ways.

Start blogging before 2020 ends

creat really effective blogging site
let’s give a try

From 1994 to 2020 the views, perspectives, and ideas evolved a lot with blogging.

If you are good at something and you have some skills to present in front of this world you should definitely give a try on blogging. Even if you just do not have any specific skills, try to find them, because remember, turning on your mobile data is also a skill (well you can’t make a blog on this by the way).

So do not just hesitate, take a small step to the world of blogging, and be another successful blogger of 2020.

Always remember, “time and tide, wait for none.”

For any queries comment below. Peace.

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